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SYSTEM PARALYSIS – ‘Concrete Gore’ Review

system-paralysisWhen the press materials accompanying an album describe the band as a ska/punk /metal band, I was not quite expecting the absolutely blistering and brilliant opening track on the new album from Hull’s System Paralysis. Self Made Madness is one of my stand out tracks of 2016 so far. It is simply white hot with angry vocals and a guitar driven, tight as a gnats arse backing…wow!

I had just about recovered when track two, Trick, Sick, Trick hits my ears sounding like Rage Against the Machine played at 78rpm – these boys are fast, loud, aggressive and angry…they are not to be ignored.

Next up is Insurrection and following a quick drum intro, the band launches into one the fastest ska/punk songs I’ve ever heard. There is an eventual slowing of pace before the song picks up again with a speedy heavy guitar chorus. Oh boy, I’m now all in on System Paralysis. The musicianship is excellent, production flawless and lyrics/vocals spot on. It’s a combination that produces a sound you would not believe possible from a three-piece band.

Fake It! introduces a rap/punk/funk infused verse driven by some heavy bass work and the chorus attacks the listener with a great riff with a screamed vocal treatment. SOUP is a more straight in the face punk track that is damn angry whilst Deny Defy is more intricate with some change in pace between the verse and chorus and some really heavy guitar work and superb backing vocals.

The lyrical theme is one of protest, anger at the system and the violence it produces. Murder just shocked me as it introduces a reggae/ska vibe with an almost Spanish guitar style and it works, it works really well. For sheer stand out and showcasing of the bands versatility it just rocks.

Wash Away is a bullet of 100mph punk rock all out effort as is Not the Problem (feat. Marx) with it’s chorus of “We’re not the problem….”) and it verges into Napalm Death territory.

The penultimate song on the 11 track album is Stand to Make a Change and here the band fully channel Extreme Noise Terror in the verses and then juxtapose this with a melodic chorus. “IT’S TIME TO TAKE BACK OUR LIVES…IT’S TIME TO FIGHT OR DIE”…and  bass solo for good measure…oh yes!

Last up is the title track Concrete Gore, four minutes and twenty-one seconds of chunky, churning metal punk interspersed with some quieter guitar moments. It’s a masterpiece channeling Amebix, Black Sabbath and the aforementioned Rage Against the Machine.

We get to listen to a lot of great punk music from all over the world but I have to say that System Paralysis have catapulted into our “best of 2016” rankings with Concrete Gore. Buy it here https://systemparalysis.bandcamp.com/

Stumpy – Punk Online


Track Listing

  1. Self Made Madness
  2. Trick Sick Trick
  3. Insurrection
  4. Fake It
  5. SOUP
  6. Deny Defy
  7. Murder
  8. Wash Away
  9. Not the Problem (feat. Marx)
  10. Stand to Make a Change
  11. Concrete Gore