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THROWING STUFF – ‘Father’s Day’ Video

T H R O W I N G  S T U F F  –  F I T ,  F I N E  &  W E L L

Throwing Stuff release frantic chase video for Father’s Day

throwing-stuff-1Throwing Stuff have released a video for Father’s Day, the closing track from debut LP Fit, Fine & Well that was released on 7 April 2017 by TNSrecords (recently reviewed by Punk Online right here).

Shot at Curbar Edge by filmmaker and cameraman Andrew Butler, the fast and frantic video features a man being chased by an unknown assailant across fields, through puddles and along cliff edges in the picturesque Peak District.

Father’s Day is about vocalist Ben’s experiences coping with his dad’s terminal, stage four brain tumour over the last 18 months. The video’s chase is a nod to the insidious nature of cancer, and the twist at the end, when it is revealed the protagonist is being chased by himself, reflects how trapped within himself Ben’s dad was.

“The tumour on my dad’s brain really impacted his ability to communicate – the longer it went on the more he struggled to find the words he needed to explain his thoughts. He would know what he wanted to say, but was unable to get it across,” said Ben.

“In that sense, he was trapped within his own mind, and the way that the character ends up realising he is being chased by himself reflects how my dad didn’t have that emotional escape by being able to say how he felt about the illness and the way it was affecting him.”

The closing line, “fit, fine and well”, which gave Throwing Stuff their album title, was the stock response Ben’s dad gave to anyone who asked him how he was throughout his life. As he battled the cancer, he still said he was “fit, fine and well” as he battled what’s going on his head. Father’s Day is as honest and raw as Throwing Stuff have ever been lyrically, unrelenting and intense in the two minutes it lasts.




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