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TALCO release first video-single of upcoming album

TALCO release first video-single of upcoming album

TalcoIt’s about nothing more than the truth! At times, when fake-news and alternative-facts are in competition with what is considered to be reality and when they turn to become an instrument of power, at times when the impact of news is knowingly used – it’s utterly time to deal with the term “truth” and it’s moral and social implications. Aldous Huxley, did exactly that in his famous novel “Brave New World”, Foucault meticulously dealt with discourses and prevailing truths based on power-structures in “Discipline And Punish: The Birth Of The Prison”, while Orwell illustrated in an impressive way in “1984”, how truth can be shaped, formed and set by the ones in power.

“La Verità“ picks up one of the leitmotifs of TALCO’s artistic development: the truth. It is about the concept of truth and how easy it is possible to manipulate what is being perceived as truth. Illustrated with the example of brazen journalists and so called influencer, the track vividly shows how the maxim of truth and honesty is willingly undermined in order to caress the egos of both groups ,striving for success and recognition instead. It’s not about objectivity and a critical distance to things, but only about egoistic recognition, personal success willingly sacrificing moral and ethical dimensions of idea of “the truth”.

“‘La verita’ is one of TALCO´s most recurrent themes. In the case, the concept of “truth” and it´s manipulation is transformed in weapons that “influencers” and shameless journalists use to achieve notoriety.” is how singer Dema summarizes the track.

The band’s performance infront of a green screen visualizes the maximum of exchangeability of the images being displayed in the background of the video, which set the scene for the displayed truths. Truth becomes arbitrary, loses objectivity, and simply becomes a personal opinion losing its greater meaning.

Today, the first video-single, ‘La Verità’ gives an idea of the upcoming, seventh studio-album of the band, called AND THE WINNER INS’T, to be released on February 23rd, 2018!

With a history of over 16 years, six past albums, approximately 100 live-shows each year all across Europe, TALCO sell out most of their club shows up to 2.000 capacities and headline big punk-rock and mainstream festivals on the whole continent.

TALCO has emerged to be the most important and well-known punk-rock-band from Italy in our present time.




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