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TALCO release second video-single ‘Ali Boma ye!’

TALCO release second video-single ‘Ali Boma ye!’

TalcoTrust, faith and the belief in oneself and the goals you aim for are tough tasks. Especially, if the system you live in and the people around you systematically try to bring you down, try to impede what you fight for. However, history repeatedly shows us that it is possible to overcome all the mistrust, all the head wind, all the hassle if you believe in what you do and who you are. Muhammad Ali is one of the best examples of the power that lies in oneself to achieve unimaginable things simply though faith, dignity and hard work. And that is exactly what ‘Bomaye’, the second single of TALCO’s upcoming album AND THE WINNER ISN’T is all about!
It is dedicated to Muhammad Ali, who would have turned 76, yesterday!

“‘Ali, boma ye!’ sang the African people in Kinshasa during the historical Rumble In The Jungle, one of the biggest matches ever in sports and regarding the positive message that went along with it. Muhammad Ali won the Kinshasa match against Foreman, regaining the title he was deprived of by the US government, trying to destroy his career after he had refused to sign up for Vietnam.  The story spans over great sports moments and social claims during one of American history’s most obscure times, during the war in Vietnam and racial segregation: it’s the story of a man who, contrary to any forecasts in the eighth round of the match, lights up and becomes an icon.” told us TALCO’s singer Dema about the track.

So get ready to rumble with ‘Bomaye’ the second video-single from the upcoming album
AND THE WINNER INS’T, to be released on February 23rd, 2018!




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