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TANKS AND TEARS – ‘Aware’ Album Review


Tanks and TearsWe missed this debut album release from Italian punks Tanks and Tears earlier this year (March) but the album Aware checks off some boxes that we love here at punkonline.co.uk towers. Those boxes include shoegaze, 1980s post-punk atmosphere with a bit of grunge thrown in! Tanks and Tears is an Italian post-punk band formed in Prato, Italy and composed by Matteo Cecchi (vocals/bass), Claudio Pinellini (guitar) and Francesco Ciulli (drum). They are a mix of 80s post punk atmospheres with hints of 90s grunge.

Opening with some melodic guitar and power drums (think Sisters of Mercy) the danceable Breath supports some soaring vocals with a definite 80’s feel. On Jump Into Your Heart the pace is quickened significantly with a strong beat and bass supporting a Cure like guitar and, dare I say it, Simon Le Bon sounding vocal (there, I said it). Inca has a much edgier vibe – more Joy Division and more punk in approach – I really enjoyed this track.

The ten-track album does not deliver one track under three minutes giving the songs room to breathe and explore different rhythms and soundscapes with Butterfly, a melodic guitar driven song with a powerful chorus. The title track, Aware, is an instrumental with a shoegaze approach from repeating guitar licks, soaring keyboards and swirling rhythm.

Under a Cloud develops into a gothic dance classic propelled by a great bass and vocals – one of my favorites on this solid debut. Tanks and Tears rock things up a bit on War where they took me back to those early days of New Model Army, The Cure, The Mission and others.

The atmospheric Temple is followed by Plasticine and both tracks take advantage of a sparser sound with the latter being the more upbeat. The album concludes with the five-minute-plus Life Is A Show with a pounding bass, melodic keyboard and stuttering drums leading to a full on 1980s goth vocal treatment. If you are a fan of Sisters of Mercy, Joy Division, The Cure and the like, Tanks and Tears are for you!

Grab a copy of Aware here: https://tanksandtears.bandcamp.com/