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TAX. THE MAN Upcoming Single ‘The Fight (Of Our Lives)’

TAX. THE MAN Upcoming Single ‘The Fight (Of Our Lives)’

Tax. The TaxmanTAX. THE MANs, upcoming single taken from his eagerly anticipated new debut EP ‘Groping in the Darkness” (Out 9 December) with its subtle orchestral undertones, thrashing cymbals, tribalistic drum beats and commanding vocals (for 2 mins and 43 secs) is nothing short than having spent a round in a boxing ring. And frankly speaking, it quite literally pulls no punches.

TAX. THE MAN told us; “The single came about as a direct result of having had countless conversations with many different people(s) from all walks of life, who he found where increasingly finding themselves asking the question/s; “How and /or why is it that there is a forced sense of and largely the need to push a so called ‘unacceptable’ notion, towards those who are making the choice for wanting to ‘stand-up, protect and be proud’ of their cultures (great or small ) their histories (all be it good or bad) including their heritage, values and traditions”.

Todays’ social narrative (with views such as these) however, have now been classified and /or categorised as no l less than ’Nationalistic’ which ‘some people’ argue it “no longer serves a purpose in today’s society”.

TAX. THE MAN says; I fundamentally disagree. Especially when long-standing cultures are being ‘dismantled and rebuilt’ by selected and /or unelected so-called professionals whom, (with every ounce of their guile) are taking political actions with ‘the ultimate goal’ to negate, distort, alter, bastardise and standardised the whole lot of us”.

He further adds; “I think it is aspects such as the aforementioned which (as a people) that have helped shape and give us a sense of both an ethnic and a racial identity.  Most people’s concerns very much lie with ‘extreme forms of nationalism’ (the type which raises its ugly head and subsequently metamorphoses itself into the Superior-Inferior Complex Syndrome) which again I learnt is what most people find, is Not the solution to the problem”.

The Fight (Of Our Lives) with its anthemic demands to “TAKE BACK WHAT YOU OWN ’n’ SIT BACK ON YOUR THROWN” is no less accompanied by an extraordinary all-round powerful music video.

TAX.THE MAN explains; “The video known as SOLIPSIST, was originally directed by the hugely respected and award-winning Andrew Thomas Huang, who is widely known for having worked with Bjork. I essentially adapted the video as I found with its elements of dance, splashes of colour, it’s sense of tribalism and including its subtleties of chaos, in my view aesthetically homed in on the singles sentiment. And I am extremely honoured”.





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