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TAX.THE TAXMAN to Release Debut Single ‘Smokescreen’ on 20th September

TAX.THE TAXMAN to Release Debut Single ‘Smokescreen’ on 21st September

Tax The TaxmanTAX.THE MAN, the multi-talented British singer-songwriter / producer and former lead singer of UK post -industrial- punk band SONOFAB***H, is back!

And if judging by his New artist name, sound and vision is anything to go by, then his new debut single SMOKESCREEN, OUT September 21 (with a narrative opposing “the worlds future business plans”) then this certainly is set to tear of those blindfolds, for anyone who’s wearing them, that is.

Having spent time out of the music industry he says;” To reclaim my brain” and instead apply his additional talents to directing and producing short arthouse and socially political documentary films, including appearing in a number of London based experimental stage plays. His return to music however, is priceless.

TAX.THE MAN further goes on to say; “My return to music on personal level has been somewhat of a long and very difficult process. However, during my time out I’ve been able to learn, so much more about the world we live in”.

He adds; Moreover, (from a political point of view) I was also able to spend time both discovering and learning much more about how for example; “planned cultural, political and algorithmic systems (past, present and for the future) are playing an ever increasing role in constructing and deconstructing our paradigms by those otherwise known as The Dominant Minority, who lead and in many respects force us all, to believe otherwise.

It is safe to say that TAX.THE MANs’ New debut EP, is without question highly politically charging, however broadly speaking, the narrative is specifically much more about confronting todays’ contemporary political classes, their art of conology, racketeering and their existing world views and plans, established by the likes of Cecil Rhodes and Lord Milliner during the late 1800s.

And in addition including not least, 19th and 20th century thinkers such as the historian Carroll Quiggley and founder of the KKK General Albert Pike, (whom TAX.THE MAN in his intro, airily quotes verbatim) again both of which equally ensured that this very same systems survival, remain in effect to this very present day.

He further adds; “In my opinion there is no doubt, that whilst we think we live in a world democracy, globalist agendas and unideal instruments of ideologies are in fact on the other hand being devised, pushed and implemented by selected and or / unelected person/s in which we the people in many respects, are all to (totally and utterly) none-the-wiser.”

TAX.THE MANs’ EP title and in particular the image chosen for his cover (it is worth noting), will no doubt have many groups from all sides pointing the finger. He explains; “My choice and decision in terms of the image and based on having conducted research of my own into the logic and psychopathy, behind those who created and adopted the image in the first instance I understand may for some people be seen as controversial or indeed offensive. However, neither of which are my intention, in fact it’s quite the opposite”.

Asked just exactly what is your intention? He further goes on to say; “My aim rather is to question, question in a non- complex context, the methods and lengths that they the people who rule our planet  and /or world, including those who work for them, will go to disguise the truth”

TAX THE MAN might not quite be able to put the worlds wrongs the rights, (politically speaking) however with tracks off his EP such as; TRAGEDY & HOPE, COMPLY TO THE LIE (we nah want), and THE FIGHT (Of Our Lives) including SMOKESCREEN in his dispatch box, one thing is for sure that it is certainly a worthy enough EP to be able encourage, inspire and empower others to speak their minds and stop the blind, (as it where) from leading the blind.

S M O K E C R E E N is out now, listen here: https://www.taxtheman.bandcamp.com

Stream ‘Groping in the Darkness’ the new debut EP by TAX.THE MAN. here: https://www.soundclound.com/tax-the-man

TAX.THE MAN online: