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TEEN CREEPS – ‘Birthmarks’ Album Review

TEEN CREEPS – Birthmarks

Teen CreepsThe Teen Creeps are a trio from Ghent, Belgium. They combine a mixture of alternative rock from the ‘90’s and punk that sounds both solid and melodious. The band itself describes its music laconically as ‘post-everything’, but you can clearly hear the influences of nineties bands Sonic Youth, Dinosaur Jr. and Jawbreaker.  The album was released on April 6th and it is one you should get if you were touched at all by the early 1990s.

The nine-track album, Birthmarks, opens with a cracking song – Sidenote which summons up the spirit of early Husker Du and created the same reaction in the office to when we first heard Zen Arcade. Some great guitar work and vocals that cross Bob Mould with Grant Hart, the Teen Creeps deliver a rocking guitar fest that we loved.

On Hindsight, the band mix falsetto vocals with growled delivery and all backed by superb guitars with power chords and catchy licks ably supported by the tight as hell rhythm section – simply great stuff in the mold of he aforementioned Dinosaur Jr. Mercury is slightly mellower with the bass prominent and the guitars fuzzed to maximum whilst Will pounds along with purpose.

The five-minute plus, Good Intentions, burrows its way slowly, but surely, into you brain with a shoegaze feel full of melody and hooks.  All of the nine tracks are over three minutes in length and this gives the band the chance to let the songs breathe and build as they do on the powerful Thread and bass driven Hemispheres.

The penultimate song, Unravel marries 1960s pop mentality with 1990s grunge to produce a powerful yet accessible track that will have heads banging and feet tapping at the same time. The last track, Forging Kindness again pays homage to Dinosaur Jr. with melody, hooks, intricate guitar work and compelling vocals.

This is one fine album and one that all fans of the 1990s pioneers mentioned in this review must have in their collection. Check out  Teen Creeps on social media here: Facebook