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TERESA BANKS – Bridges We Build | Bridges We Burn

TERESA BANKS – Bridges We Build | Bridges We Burn

Teresa BanksTeresa Banks is a Finnish / Spanish / Italian punk band from Helsinki, Finland and have released their second EP, Bridges We Build | Bridges We Burn.

The band will be at Rebellion Festival this year and are starting the year with a tight tour in their home-country and then a short tour in the UK in August. The band state that “Our sound is a mixture of 1990s skate-punk and early 2000s melodic hardcore.”

The EP opens with Strike The Match where a rollicking, raucous riff meets some fast-paced skate-punk drumbeats before a gritty yet melodic voice joins the party to drive home a powerful and chunky punk rocker.

The excellent You’re The Problem with a Bad Religion vibe accentuated with driving bass licks and insistent vocals and an excellent singalong chorus and then Midas maintains the pace with a fast and furious rocker propelled by those demanding drums.

It’s Not Over adds some intricate interplay with a post-hardcore/math-punk angle full of pace and power and another pounding chorus and the band stick to the melodic, tight, hardcore sound on A Year From Now with backing vocal interplay and a rebuild from the middle-eight breakdown that showcases some great song writing and excellent execution!

The penultimate track of the seven is Long Road Home and this one marries the pounding beats with soaring licks, chunky riffs and duelling vocals before Ghost Pain slows things down with mid-paced segments mingling with slower sections and the vocals pull the track forward with unrelenting persistence helping the track to reach powerful peaks of melodic mayhem. Good stuff!

Check out Bridges We Build | Bridges We Burn by Teresa Banks below.