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TERRAFORMER – ‘Mineral’ Album Review


terraformerTerraformer are a Belgian trio based in Liège. They formed in 2010 and have previously released The Sea Shaper (2012) and Creatures (2014).

Mineral is their third full album.  It contains six tracks but they’re lengthy (three over eight minutes in length) and the overall sound can only be described as “epic.” The opener, Aegean, brings together slow, churning and powerful sections with melodic guitar licks. There is an Amebix like doom and gloom underpinning the tracks but don’t let that put you off as the melodies are strong, changes in direction and pace are compelling (and often uplifting) as exhibited by the keyboard interlude in Aegean.

After the full on instrumental of the opening track, Adamantine begins with a somber guitar lick and atmospheric keyboards and then launches into a crazy heavy bass lick that had me in sludge rock heaven.  The instrumental just builds and builds with crescendo after crescendo…gaze at your shoes, grow your hair and bang your head along!

Amethyst is shorter in length and reminded me a little of Canadian noise rock pioneers, Metz. The bass is heavy and the changes in pace very effective. The fourth track, Penelope begins with an ominous keyboard before the guitars and drums shatter the calm with dissonance and then the song structures around a churning, chunky guitar rhythm and some ‘math-punk’ style interchanges.

The penultimate track, Epoch, continues the theme of intricate instrument interplay, heavy yet melodic, gloomy yet optimistic all at the same time. The instrumental approach of Terraformer encourages experimentation on each song and they are not afraid the go into those areas and build.  Closing with The Ether Shell, the band concludes a strong and unique album with power and finesse. It’s a great listen!

Mineral comes on 180g vinyl in two color editions: black splatter on purple or plain orange. Check out Terraformer here




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