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THANX 4 ALL THE SHOES – ‘Another Ride’ Album Review

THANX 4 ALL THE SHOES – Another Ride

Thankx 4 All The ShoesThanx 4 All The Shoes are a four piece melodic hardcore band from Italy, who have been around since 2006. Kicking off their career with local shows and tours, in 2008 they recorded their first self produced six-song EP, entitled Reaction Starts From Consciousness that helped the band tour through their homeland, sharing the stage with many bands of the national scene and building up an international fanbase. In 2010 the band recorded their first full length album Celebrating Falsity

In 2014 the band released their second full length, This World Is Not Yours and now they are ready to come back with a brand new one entitled, Another Ride.

This album contains ten songs and will be released on November 25th via White Russian Records, No Reason Records and Disconnect Disconnect Records. The opening track, One Pen, One Book is a spiraling song with some great musicianship with fast paced drums driving forward the guitar licks and heavy vocals. The band showcase a sophistication and maturity and play somewhere in the margins of skate-punk, hardcore punk and metal. The title track, Another Ride is a stunning effort with solid vocals and some clever guitar work producing some serious hardcore effect.

On Russian Roulette the band seriously turn up the hardcore approach with some vocal interplay full of angst and menace supported by 67 seconds of brutal punk rock. Son Of A Gun, opens with a movie clip and then launches into a more melodic vocal treatment albeit, as the song develops, the screams become more urgent and the band deliver some chunky riffs.  At the mid-point of the album, Thanx 4 All The Shoes launch into Hope And Wait with a Propagandhi vibe and they follow it with Declaration Of War, a powerhouse of a song with metal like guitar riffs, pounding drum brats and screamcore vocals that tear the paint of the walls…wow!

Returning to a more melodic approach on Decade, the band are still able to bring forward the angst-ridden vocals that are neatly juxtaposed with the more tuneful singing parts. Through it all, the band continue with a tight and relentless punk/hardcore/metal backing.  42042 reminded me a little of a faster Iron Maiden with some intricate guitar work and the group style vocals have an Oi! flavor. The penultimate track, Wasted Life (Not the SLF classic!) returns to a skate-punk treatment and sets up the closing song Postcard From Kobane. where Thanx 4 All The Shoes post a five minute 42 second long epic. The mournful guitar introduction helps to introduce an emotion laden song that picks up the pace, slows it down and then sprints to the finish line in style!

Check out Another Ride by Thanx 4 All The Shoes here: https://disconnectdisconnect.co.uk/bands/thanx-4-all-the-shoes/