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THE ALLOVERS – ‘Yer Guises’ Album Review


The AlloversEdmonton/Calgary punk rock trio The Allovers are releasing their debut, full-length album, Yer Guises, on May 18th on Anxious & Angry Records.  The fifteen-track album has elements of The Ramones as well as 1960s Garage rock. There is an odd 1950’s gothic lead vocal that drips with irony and melody.

The super-fun Blue Kangaroo is a rock and roller with some punk vibes whereas Rinky Dink has a catchy vibe with lots on fun. Tub Time contains some absurd lyrics set across a fast paced, grungy riff whilst Dog Team Cooperation simply rocks along with some gritty guitars and some muscular riffs.

Many of the songs are below two minutes in length and motor along like a finely tuned muscle car. When Freddy’s Back In Town would not be out of place on a grunge version of the “Happy Days” TV series with its 1950s vibe whereas the sound on Hitchcock Twist, is still melodic but just a little darker. The screeching guitars on Happy Pop are more Sonic Youth but the vocals are almost “lounge music” in overlay making for something quite unique.

The slightly ridiculous Kitty Kat Girl is disconcerting in it’s mashing of innocence with grungy guitar and the vibe is maintained on Gooby. The longer Honey Gets Me Flies mashes up The Cramps with The Ramones for a punk rock and roller replete with aggressive solo in the middle eight.

The 69 seconds of Get Serios explores a dirty bluesy punk sound and Hey Joey takes this a stage further with a grungy riff played with pace and power. The Status Quo like riff on Sugar Shed is sure to get feet tapping and heads nodding and it is followed by a much punkier I Remember Beaver Lumber.

The album closes with Allovers’ Theme and it clocks in at almost four minutes in length. The song reminded me of Noise-Pop bands such as Yo La Tengo with off kilter guitars, crescendos of noise all bringing a more menacing tone.

The Allovers are different as they mix melody with dissonance and innocence with knowing. Well worth a listen here and at all the usual places:


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