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THE AMERICANS – ‘I’ll Be Yours’ Album Review


the-americansLos Angeles quartet The Americans will release their studio album, I’ll Be Yours, on 7th July. The band mash the songwriting and sound of Springsteen with The Plimsols and other rootsy US bands. Nevada opens the 11 track album and it’s a mini-story with some super vocals and some terrific energy. Clearly not “punk rock” in sound, the song is definitely full of energy and passion and that’s what matters!

On The Right Stuff, a twangly guitar is joined by some upbeat drums and develops into that country-punk/alt-country approach that Lone Justice and others first pursued.  The Americans have released a truly rock and roll masterpiece with tracks like Stowaway digging into the blues with a rock edge and the title track, I’ll Be Yours taking on a ballad format full of space, storytelling and a vocal performance creating a feel of The Waterboys meets Chris Isack!

The band’s first tour was different from most. They roped in a friend to play drums using only a plywood suitcase, which he beat with a soup-spoon. They set off on a meandering, quixotic odyssey that found them playing honkytonks, rural bars, a Navajo radio station, and a wine cellar in an abandoned Coca-Cola bottling plant. Some of the venues hadn’t hosted a live band since the 1980s. “We had a passport to the hidden heartland of our country,” recounts Jake. Nowadays their tours are more structured, but the guys still seek out the road less travelled.

Despite being unsigned at the time, The Americans have already appeared on US TV talk shows such as The Late Show with David Letterman, and served as a backing band for Lucinda Williams, Nick Cave and Courtney Love. On Last Chance, The Americans go for a stadium rocker with pounding drum, anthemic guitar and “lighters in the air” arm-waving power ballad.

A massively dirty guitar riff and rumbling bass underpin the dirtiest sound I’ve heard in years on the rocking and rolling Hooky – just a great, great track that feels loose, full of energy and chaotic all at the same time! Gone At Last returns to the cleaner ballad approach that evokes the wide open spaces of the American west with a touch of “edge of town” grit. The Americans are not afraid to vary things and have talent to spare from the country flavored, Harbor Lane to the alternative rock ‘n’ roll of Long Way From Home they deliver!

The penultimate track, Bronze Star, the band pursue that power ballad sound and it neatly sets up the waltzy pace of closer, Daphne where the storytelling hits new heights. Let me be clear, this is as far from hardcore punk in sound that you could find reviewed on a site like ours but, make no mistake, the attitude is all punk and the album is excellent…The Americans are coming!

Get all the info on The Americans and I’ll Be Yours here: https://www.facebook.com/theamericansmusic/