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THE APPARENTS – ‘The Face May Change’ Review

THE APPARENTS – The Face May Change

The ApparentsThe Apparents are a self-described “unapologetic punk band from Scotland” and their new five track EP is adorned with a mix of the loathed Maggie Thatcher and Theresa May.

Opening with Nothing Is Set In Stone the band treat us to a UK82 style barnstormer of a track that channels Demob and the Newtown Neurotics with a compelling riff, pulsating bass and a Oi style group vocal chorus…good stuff!

On Reali-TV the pace is upped just a little with some gritty vocals layered on top of muscle-bound guitars and a tight as a gnats arse rhythm section. The lyrics attack the celebrity culture that much of the world is obsessed with.

The mid-point of the EP is This Is Scotland replete with bagpipe introduction and launching into a Sex Pistols-esque riff and a Wattie Buchan-esque vocal drenched in the local accent…oh yes!!

The excellent Tory Boy takes on the political party that all punks loathe with a vengeance. The riffs are fast and meaty and the lyrics right on the money. The Apparents close out this solid package with Fuck Religion where the riffs are little dirtier and the vibe closer to fellow Scots The Exploited than Discharge and that’s a compliment. Political, powerful and punk as fuck…great release!


You can grab a copy of The Face May Change by The Apparents here:…




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