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THE ATTACK Realese ‘Big Shot’ Video/Single

THE ATTACK Realese ‘Big Shot’ Video/Single

The AttackFloridian-punks, The Attack have today released the second single ‘Big Shot’, taken from their upcoming split release with UK punk band No Thrills – set for release through Violated Records on August 3rd.

The single release coincides with the band touring the UK tour currently. The tour sees the quartet take to the road with punk-rock-legends, The Queers, including a performance at Rebellion Festival in Blackpool this weekend.

Speaking on the story behind Big Shot, vocalist Charlie Bender commented, “It’s Friday night and the work week is finished. You’re at a show with your best mates, you’ve been waiting for this show for weeks, excited for good times.  The music starts and in rushes the a*****e of the night, charging from the back of the club pushing everyone and spilling beers.  The crowd separates giving room to the one no one wants to be around.  The one screaming for attention, making it awkward and uncomfortable for everyone else.  A total bummer and let down for everyone attending.”

The Attack brings punk back to the basics: short, fast-riffing songs about the social, music, and media-driven politics of today.

Having come together as a rehearsal band in the early 2000’s, over the years, The Attack have sculpted their own brand of traditional street punk, taking influence from punk rock throughout the decades. “I was introduced to punk by some friends in the UK in the early 80’s, then followed it up as a regular in the New York Hardcore scene based around CBGB’s.” said guitarist Brad Palkevich. “Charlie and Mikey were big on the ska-punk explosion of the 90’s and that really inspired them. Jason, the youngest of all is 100% died in the wool mid to late 90’s punk.”

Proudly independent, The Attack stand for supporting underground music and independent businesses, celebrating old traditions and creating new ones too. “We stand for stepping off the sidelines and doing what you want to do. We stand for doing it ourselves.” The Attack have no official record label, no agent or manager. All of their achievements and accomplishments have been achieved through their own determination, hard work and built on through friendships.

Throughout the years, The Attack have toured with The Misfits, H2O, The Business, The Toasters, Pennywise, Cro-Mags and Mighty Mighty Bosstones. The band have also performed on Flogging Molly’s ‘Salty Dog Cruise’ through the Caribbean for the past two years, as well as appearing at The Mighty Mighty Bosstones ‘Home Town Throw Down’ in Boston. 2017 saw the band tour the UK with Flogging Molly, setting them up for subsequent return visits, including the appearance at 2018’s Rebellion Festival.

The Attack / No Thrills Split Release will be available on vinyl and all usual digital retailers through Violated Records from August 3rd 2018.





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