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band for disease control

The wonderfully named Band For Disease Control and Prevention originate from Gateshead, Tyne and Wear and describe their music genre as ‘alternative punk rock’. After several listens to their self-titled album it’s a very good description with the style ranging from full on three chord punk to a more melodic approach, often resulting in two songs within the one track. It makes for a fascinating listen.

As if to make my case the album starts off with ‘Form’ which begins with the obligatory guitar feedback before bass and drums kick in alongside the vocals of lead singer Marcia Mackman. It’s a classic punk sound accompanied by a singalong chorus and bounces merrily along until half way through when the pace changes considerably and the whole thing becomes a melodious number not akin to The Mob or Zounds with a Vi Subversa vocalist.

There will be obvious comparisons to X-Ray Specs and Vice Squad and at times this is very well substantiated but The Band For Disease Control and Prevention offer something a little bit different to the norm (not that I’d expect anything else given their name).

The songs are often longer than the normal 3 minute thrash which holds your attention as well as appreciate the obvious song writing ability of the band (made up of the aforementioned Marcia plus Antony Bircham, Andy Cooper, Mick Emerson and Neil Nattress).

‘Jangle’ is one of the stand out tracks on the album, an easy on the ear yet powerful song which glides along from verse to chorus and includes an interlude, plus repeated outro, for the guitar work to come to the forefront.

In total contrast ‘Man of God’ sees Marcia screaming “You’re not a Man of God” over and over before she recoils into a more sedated version of herself. If there is one complaint throughout it would be the volume level of the vocals and often it can be difficult to even hear the singing, never lone make out what is being said. It’s a minor issue but I’m guessing the lyrics would be well worth listening to!

‘Words on a Receipt’ and then ‘Strawberry Day’ conclude proceedings, the latter comprising over eight minutes of post punk bliss. It’s a relentless track for six odd minutes until, again, it takes a turn in pace, which in turn, just seems to work. A great ending.

The Band for Disease Control and Prevention have also released two singles, ‘Caution Anxiety Attack’ and a cover of the Blondie single ’11:59’ (video below).

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Track Listing

  1. Form
  2. Pert Plastic
  3. Self Pity Me
  4. Undergrowth
  5. Jangle
  6. April of the Fool
  7. Glasses
  8. Man of God
  9. Words on a Receipt
  10. Strawberry Day