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THE BARE MINIMUM – ‘Where The Buses Don’t Come’ Review

THE BARE MINIMUM – Where The Buses Don’t Come

The Bare MinimumToronto punk band The Bare Minimum are releasing their seven-track EP, ‘Where the Buses Don’t Come‘ on November 2, 2018. The fifty-six second opener, Safe Bet is a rollicking, raucous rocker with some hellish riffs and superb vocals creating a true tour de force punk rock power.

On Outdoor Cat the riffs come fast and furious as do the neat licks and group vocals all powered by some excellent drums and bass rhythm section…this is powerful, energetic, in your face punk with melody and middle eight breaks that are ska driven…good stuff!!!

Next up is Hollow Animals and the helter-skelter guitar lick ushers in a pounding punker with some soaring screamed vocals and the entire office stood up and walked over to my desk enquiring about who was making this great noise replete with melody and power a-plenty!!!

On Trainwreck the pace is upped with some fast guitar licks, monster riff work and a screamed vocal that adds to the urgency all leading to a punch the air chorus – wow!!! Safety Pin powers along and I am reminded of Minor Threat/Black Flag in terms of the raw power on display but with more melodic vocals!!

The penultimate song Broad Daylight and the band don’t let up at all as the vocal/drum segments compete with rolling licks and riffs as the screamed vocals, pounding drums and screaming guitars create a truly awesome wall of noise that contains some nifty bass guitar runs as well….Punk Rock Is A Pyramid Scheme wraps up a truly a superb release with some excellent bluesy guitars and hardcore vocals!!


Check out Where The Buses Don’t Come  by The Bare Minimum here: https://thebareminimumband.bandcamp.com