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THE BENEFIT CHEATS – ‘Darwenism’ Album Review


The Benefit CheatsThe Benefit Cheats hail from Kingston Upon Thames, UK, and have been at it in a variety of bands for a while. Their album Darwenism is out now and the excellent Trump bashing Shit Gibbon lays some direct attack lyrics on top of some chunky guitars and punchy beats with melodic vocals. The song drips with irony and is a clever attack on the disgraceful US “President.”

The band continue to mine the pop-punk vein with M.I.F.D. with hints of The Ramones, Husker Du and The Monkees (I kid you not!!)

The twelve tracks continue with 7 Times where the mid-paced effort reminded me a little of the Small Faces whereas the title track, Darwenism is a pop-punk pleaser with super lyrics full of nostalgia and a slight U.K. Subs vibe. With Glitterball The Benefit Cheats crunch out a raucous pub-rocker whereas My Charming Anxiety is a slower, poppier ballad.

On Ain’t Got Anything the power chords return with a vengeance as the melodies are supported by some super guitar work. The Sham 69 like Mandatory Mandarin is great fun and Jenny Lane continues the enjoyment with a saccharine sweet power-pop-punk rocker!

Soul Trader is propelled by a dirty guitar riff producing a Dr.Feelgood vibe with the penultimate song, Mayor Of Trumpton changes the pace and vocal to set up a super stomping punk effort. The band close with EDT where they pummel the drums, dirty up the guitar and go full “horror-punk” replete with a sing along chorus that we loved.

This is a fun, melodic and accessible album that we enjoyed tremendously!


You can get Darwenism by The Benefit Cheats here: https://thebenefitcheats.bandcamp.com