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THE BLACK PITTS – ‘B Movie Extra’ Album Review


the-black-pittsThe highly anticipated debut album from Dublin’s The Black Pitts was released in February. The band state that B Movie Extra has shades of the New York Dolls on a night out with the Ramones on their way to a Stooges gig!

The band received some extremely positive reviews at last years Rebellion and they will be back in 2017. B Movie Extra opens with BDO Brigade a bass lick with the vocals asking “Does anyone wanna get drunk with me, does anyone wanna get high?” and then a storming rock-n-roller launches out of the speakers and the references to the New York Dolls come straight to life. The Black Pitts have that slightly glam, slightly trashy and lots of punk rock attitude approach that mixes to produce a fresh take on 1970’s early punk.

Curveball is a cracking track catapulting to one of my top songs of the year so far in 2017 with an Undertones undercurrent underpinning the melodic punk approach. The band are not afraid to sock your ear-buds with a guitar solo or two and with most songs checking in below three minutes, they pack a punch with every track of the thirteen on the album. Runaway Girl is a Ramones style punk and roll song whilst Private Hell is more early Sex Pistols with more melodic vocals than Lydon.

On Hey Johnny The Black Pitts go full on glam/garage rock and had me looking in the wardrobe for my flares and platforms and Into The City is an edgier version of the glamrock genre.

The Black Pitts have a real knack for writing updated and refreshing songs that are full of energy, hooks, powerchords and “stomp your boots” rockers. One of my favorite tracks is the Bowie-esque Spaceboy where punk rock chords meet 1972 melody. Wanna Have Fun is the longest song on the album clocking in just over three minutes and it is strong tune with some great guitar work and a super melody that just forces you to smile and seek out some fun!

The album closes with two shorter tracks, Bones in a Box and Nobody Loves Me with the former reminding me of The Sweet circa 1975 and the latter much heavier and a great ending to a wonderful album.

If you like a bit of glam in your garage, a bit of Bowie in your bop or a bit of pop in your punk, The Black Pitts have released the perfect album for you – great fun and great music!

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