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THE BLUE CARPET BAND: Live in Coalville, UK

THE BLUE CARPET BAND: Live in Coalville, UK

Blue Carpet BandHELL ’N’ CAT FESTIVAL – 15.06.2018: The Victoria Biker’s Pub, Coalville, Leicestershire

*Review & Photography By Jason Bridges*

There are clear sign posts as to what you should expect from The Blue Carpet Band when they take to the stage. The ‘Elvis Fuckin’ Christ’ leather jacket and slick quiff and snarl of front man Djamel Abina being the most visible as they mill around waiting to unload their ferocious brand of rock and roll on the first nighters gathered on the concrete slabbed outdoor stage area at The Victoria Bikers Pub in Coalville, Leicestershire. The Hell ’n’ Cat festival is about to get rowdy.

Abina is a punk Presley, stalking the stage, wild eyed and brooding, all long limbs and snarling confidence, he engages with the audience on a regular basis, extending the stage to include the concrete viewing area, singing with an arm slung around the neck of a willing temporary back up vocalist, leaping onto tables, swigging from offered bottles of booze,taking a seat, head down while the band plays on, seemingly recharging for the next assault then sat with a vacant stare on the floor surrounded by the shins of the converging crowd before dragging himself back to his feet and onto the stage to continue with his sharp, gritty vocals. There are few pauses, just brief back and forths with the crowd, quick smiles, one liners and song set ups. As a front man Abina delivers on all levels.

Blue Carpet BandTonight’s band is a four piece (Abina included), down from the usual five and they provide a rock-solid base for their exuberant front man to launch from, there to catch him if he stumbles or falls, able to drive him on or attempt to reign him in as necessary. With a sound that draws heavily from a who’s who of punk and garage outfits (The Stooges, The Cramps, The Dead Boys and on) brought together into a heady sonic cocktail that is purely their own. Tracks from their album, Rock and Roll Carpet: Relaid, get the live treatment they deserve, ‘I Love The City’ & ‘No Cadillac’ being stand outs on the night along with a Blue Carpet version of The Doors ‘Break on Through’ that left you beaming at its shear balls out ferocity. The show starts at full speed and doesn’t let up until Abina is face down on the cold concrete, swallowed up by the buzzing crowd, eyes closed, snarl gone, exorcised.

If you get the chance to witness The Blue Carpet Band do what they do, take it, right now, don’t wait, they’re burning with such incredible intensity right now that you’re left wondering just how long it can be sustained? Right now, it appears that youth and the fearless fire of energy that youth brings is the key. It all goes into the show, they flick the switch, light the place up, then flick it again just before anything vital explodes.

A blistering breath of fresh punk rock and roll air.

The Blue Carpet Band’s album, Rock and Roll Carpet: Relaid, is out now.