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THE BY GODS – ‘Move On’ Album Review


The By GodsNashville, Tennessee residents The By Gods have announced that their new album Move On is available via bandcamp and set for release on 20th October 2017.

The first track on the album is the title song with a sparse guitar/bass and vocals that channel Kurt Cobain (there is a Nirvana vibe to this song) and, as the song builds to a slow, churning breeze block over the head, it is clear that the band is at the top of its game! On Never Know there is more of a Breeders/Elastica guitar approach that just gets the head nodding and feet moving as the hooks and melodies beat you into submission.

Rat In My House brings forward the bass and at almost four minutes in length it burrows its way into your brain in a Pixies type of way. With all of these 8o’s indie band references applicable to The By Gods who have updated those sounds and melded them into something unique. The twelve track album is full of variety with the faster, rocking and rolling Selling Out followed by the slower build of Our World with the latter featuring a strong bass accompanying a plaintive guitar and vocal (love the bass on this one)

Passing the half-way point we are met with some feedback, pounding drums and grungiest guitar sound I’ve heard in a while leading to a soaring melody as Silver Line just enchanted me. This is one brilliant album and one that I strongly encourage you to get a hold of if you love the Pixies, Nirvana, Dinosaur Jr., The Breeders with Wait Up adding female backing vocals that just add to those comparisons. Bitter Life toys with a Pearl Jam delivery and is followed by the superb Running Out that is more Foo Fighters in sound.

The penultimate effort is the slower, shoegaze of Let It Go that displays a mellower approach that I loved and the closing track, Fuck Ups continues with a variation on the title track with the acoustic guitar prominent …superb stuff!

Get Move On by The By Gods NOW! https://thebygods.bandcamp.com/