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THE CASUALTIES – ‘Written In Blood’ Album Review

THE CASUALTIES – Written In Blood

Casualties Album CoverInfluential street-punk legends The Casualties will return this fall with the release of their much anticipated 11th full-length album, Written In Blood, on October 26th via their new label Cleopatra Records. The band have been putting out powerful punk rock for almost thirty years taking on the system and injustice wherever they go.

The new album opens with the incredibly aggressive 1312 with some searing riffs, explosive power supporting gravel throated leads vocals juxtaposed with melodic backing vocals…wow!!! Next up is Fucking Hate You where the pace is increased to produce an Exploited style raucous rocker whereas Ashes adds an Oi! element to the sound with soaring guitar lick and group vocal chorus that drips with melody and power – we loved it!

On Demolition the band return to a straight up sub two-minute punker sounding like a mix between the UK Subs and Bad Religion whilst Guard Dogs is a sure-fire live favourite with some singalong sections and super guitar work. The title track, Written In Blood will send mosh-pits crazy across the world with its fury and fire and, yet another, punch the air in unison chorus and Feed Off Fear changes the atmosphere with an ominous piano solo introduction setting up a belting punk rock effort. The onslaught is relentless with Final Expense attacking from all sides and So Much Hate changes the pace to a mid-paced power punk performance with a good deal of melody mixed in with the serrated riffs and pound rhythms as the lyrics attack the stupidity of racism!

Ya Basta is delivered in Spanish and it is a scorchingly hot punk rock anthem replete with harmonious guitar solo and in-your-face chorus…oh yes!!! The Casualties just does let up throughout the album with another Exploited like All Out War followed by the roiling Smash and huge bass riff driven Lostwith the latter showcasing some excellent punk rock sensibilities with great tempo changes and melodic backing vocals counteracting the full throated lead!

The penultimate song is What I Want and it is a stunning barnstormer of an Oi/punk recording full of energy and aggression and sets up the military drum roll that ushers in Borders.With a nod to Troops of Tomorrow, the song soon explodes into fiery moshpit frenzy territory and closes this aural assault with aplomb – the ending of “Fuck your President and Fuck Your Wall, Fuck Your Border and Fuck You all” just nails it…this is authentic, streetpunk with melody, hardcore and UK82 influences – despite the comparisons, labels and words, it is simply excellent punk rock!


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