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THE CHEAP CASSETTES – Release New Video for ‘Disappear With You’

THE CHEAP CASSETTES – ‘Disappear With You’


The Cheap Cassettes: Photo by Anna Parkhurst

“Disappear With You” the brand new video & single from The Cheap Cassettes debut CD ‘All Anxious, All The Time’ (Reviewed here by Punk Online).

The Cheap Cassettes are a rock and roll band from Seattle. Their three chord rumble encompasses elements of punk, power pop, glam, and classic, timeless mid century rock and roll music. They sound as if their daddy was Paul Westerberg, their mommy was Ronnie Spector and Chuck Berry was the doctor that delivered the child.

“It was filmed during four shows we played in Seattle from January to March 2017. You can see some nice footage of the darker sides of Seattle in the video, which we included to echo the lyrics – it’s about escaping from a town or environment that is killing you. The thing is, I wrote the song about escaping TO Seattle, not from it. Seattle is my favorite city in the world. Kevin (Parkhurst, drums), Mike (Isberg, bass) and I are all transplants to Seattle from Boston. Seattle embraced us almost immediately and we are super grateful.” – Chaz Matthews, The Cheap Cassettes