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THE CHROMOSOMES – ‘Losing Eleven’ Album Review


The ChromosomesThe Chromosomes hail from Livorno, Italy, and have been punk rocking since 1993! They recently put out their fifth CD, Losing Eleven with eleven pop-punk tracks to brighten up your summer.

From the female “1, 2, 3, 4” shout that opens the rollicking My Rowdy Hula Dancer it’s clear that these folks can pen a fast paced, hook infested and melody dripping punk rock track…I defy you not to move to this one!

On A Duet With Dolly channels The Ramones with a pacey rock and roll extravaganza, fun lyrics, “ooh weee oooh” backing vocals add to the fun atmosphere. The chunky riffs of Watchin’ Airplanes is a summer feel good track that will get that BBQ rocking in the back garden and Heavy Metal Kid will get those heads banging to an Undertones style pop-punker!

The hooks and licks continue with Mr. Grabbs with a true pop-punk approach whilst the humorous Goalkeeper actually made us laugh out loud her in the office. The pace increases for the raucous pop-punk Leavin’ Canada but the incredibly fast Escape From The Orgy Of Media takes things to whole other level of speed.

Coat Of Many Colors is a riot of a story set to a massive punk rock backing and this one is like Johnny Cash played at 78rpm (a reference for you oldies out there!) and we just loved it!!! The penultimate track, TV Will Blast You the band take a mid-paced approach with serrated guitars and soaring choruses full of melody and rock and roll power!

The Chromosomes close with The Age Of Summer and they surprise with an acoustic guitar and plaintive vocal in the style of Iron & Wine and they maintain a beautiful ballad for 2/3rds of the track before the drums and electric guitars kick in to drive us home happy and satiated. GREAT STUFF!!!

Check out Losing Eleven by The Chromosomes here: http://thechromosomes.bandcamp.com/album/losing-eleven