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THE COATHANGERS – ‘Parasite’ EP Review


the-coathangersAtlanta punk trio The Coathangers have just announced plans for a new EP called Parasite. The EP is due out on June 30th via Suicide Squeeze.

When The Coathangers first stormed on the scene over a decade ago, they turned many a head with their garage punk sound and fuzzy guitar led melodies. On Parasite, the title track of the five track EP, the girls pump out a 72 second garage punk delight with some Lost Cherrees style vocals and a low-fi approach that is beguiling!

Wipe Out builds from a false start to a stomping fuzzed out guitar dream with dualing female vocals demanding that you “say your sorry” and producing hooks throughout along with some well placed handclaps…the ups and downs of the song are a thrilling roller-coaster ride that left me smiling and breathless!

On Captain’s Dead the up-front vocals hold a strong melody and the instruments join in to help build the track that has some B-52s as well as Northern England Goth vibes! Guitarist/vocalist Julia Kugel explained the track, saying: “Easy come, easy go; what you reap is what you sow. Sometimes people that you trust fail you miserably by falling victim to their own ego. They start believing their own hype, fancy themselves a leader, but they lead nothing. It’s based on a personal experience, but this track has taken on a larger meaning given our current political weather. It’s feeling stormy – the ships made out of shit will sink themselves.”

Down, Down starts with a Duane Eddy guitar, military drums and builds into a spiraling effort that has some shoegaze aspects before the EP closes with Drifter where the surf-punk atmosphere is enhanced with the plaintive call to “drift baby, drift baby just like me” – the vocals hint at some tribal chants and the guitar drifts (sorry) in and out in a very restrained effort indeed. The Coathangers are just damn good and this EP is a welcome release!

Suicide Squeeze will offer Parasite as a one-sided 12” on Sea Green vinyl with a b-side etching with an initial limited pressing of 2000 copies. The EP is also available digitally. Parasite is available worldwide on June 30th, 2017.



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