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THE CORPS – ‘Tales From 2814’ Album Review

THE CORPS – Tales From 2814

The CorpsThe Corps hail from the beautiful punk rock epi-center of Vancouver, BC and contain three members of The Real McKenzies. Their new album, Tales From 2814 was released last month.

The opening track, Supergirl is full of hooks and melody with a skate-punk vibe and fast paced NoFX style vocals with Blackest Night packing a serious punch with some Black Flag like hardcore. Greed is full of monster riffs and super tight musicianship.

On Booster Gold, the band showcase some serious punk rock chops with a melodic yet powerful and pacey effort whereas the female vocals on Diana provide a welcome variety as Rachelle Bolly of The Broken Islands belts out the lyrics over some excellent punk backing.

Got Away Scott Free maintains the upbeat momentum with some chunky riffs and vocal/guitar interplay whereas the four minutes of Spell It Out is a fantastic pop/punk/skate/punk classic that I adored! The Corps can get very fast as they do on Obsidian with rolling licks layered on top of some incredible bass and drum rhythm.

The ninth track of the thirteen is Breakfast At Pamela’s and the melodies drip through like sweet sugar as the band churns out some slow-fast-slow riffs and they keep it up on Identity Crisis.

The mid-paced introduction (relatively speaking) to Empty Nest soon gives way to a soaring riff and pounding beat before a switch of vocal adds some spice to the track and the penultimate song, Rann Thanagar Wars starts with a slow mellow guitar and cymbals before a brilliant riff creates a mosh-pit frenzy in the office (not a pretty sight!)

Closing with the sub two-minute song, The Island, The Corps summon up Sum 41 to pound out a melodic fast paced song that just rocks.

This is a band that knows how to pen a great track and craft some power to support the melody – check out Tales From 2814 by The Corps here: https://thecorps.bandcamp.com/