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THE DAHMERS – ‘Down In The Basement’ Album Review

THE DAHMERS – Down In The Basement

The DahmersDown In The Basement is the third album from the Swedish rock ‘n’ roll horror sensation The Dahmers. The album collects eighteen tracks with a raw and scary essence. The band is quickly rising to be one of the most popular party and garage acts out of Sweden and this album shows why.

From the melodic, pummeling and pacey opener, Blood On My Hands replete with “wooh, ooh, ooh”, backing vocals and a super chorus full of melody and a bass led middle eight, to complete the perfect power-pop-punk effort. With Murder Ride a demonic guitar lick sets up a raucous rock ‘n’ roller with some soaring vocals and it is clear that The Dahmers are at the top of their craft full of fun albeit with an edge and Street Of The Dead channels bands like The Sweet with foot stomping beats and lovely harmonies!!!

Down On My Knees maintains the accessible 1970’s glam-rock vibes and The Ripper uses the same film clip as Primal Scream and as “We gonna have a good time, we’re gonna have a party” fades into another Mud like rocker, I’m dusting off my blue flares and old TOTP episodes – this is good fun. A third of the way through the eighteen tracks is the powerful and punkier Hit ‘N’ Run followed by the howl of a wolf to introduce the 12-bar blues of the Howling whilst I Spit On Your Grave has a chunkier riff and Cramps meets the Ramones like power.

Demon Night is a sub-two minute glam rocker whereas Creepiest Creep just goes full on Wizard/Sweet/Mud with hooks just raining on down to create a track that we all adored and it is followed by another shorter track, Reoccurring Dreams where The Dahmers display a much more aggressive punk rock side to their game. The horror themed song titles keep on a coming with Without A Face where saccarhine sweet vocals are laid on top of an up tempo rocker replete with hand claps and super solo guitar. Kiss Of Dario adds a bit of T-Rex to the Glam sound and Man Obsessed goes a bit more Jilted John (yes, these folks have me back in the 1970s!).

On No One The Dahmers put the pedal to the metal and churn out a fast melodic punk rocking track for 95 seconds whilst Social Fools is set to a straight up pounding drum beat and fascinating guitar led segments. The penultimate track, November starts off with acoustic guitars and then those sweet, melodic vocals kick in a Marc Bolan way and the track proceeds with no drums and the rhythm is provided by the guitars. The album is closed by the appropriately titled, The End where ominous bass synthesizers usher in a steady drum beat and then a keyboard riff straight out of a Vincent Price/Christopher Lee movie sees out the dark and scary instrumental…what a wild ride this entire album is…fun, fast and full of hooks.


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