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danse-societyI have been looking forward to hearing the latest Danse Society album for a while so I was delighted when a copy was sent straight to us from the band and landed on my doorstep.

Still armed with new female vocalist Maethelyiah, the band have taken on a whole new sound, almost unrecognizable from the days of Steve Rawlings on the microphone. There’s still the dark, gothesque type undertone but there’s now a more upbeat facade that will draw obvious comparisons to Siouxsie and the Banshees (in a very good way).

‘VI’ opens with ‘Into the Red’ and after a keyboard intro the track opens up into a buoyant melodic number not dissimilar to early House of Love before Maethelyiah unleashes her vocals in perfect agreement to the tone. This is a very strong opener to the album and certainly leaves you wanting more.

‘Freak Show’ draws instant reminders of early Siouxsie with a rousing chorus, “this isn’t a movie, last minute will fuck you, welcome to the freak show, no hero, no hero…”, before ‘Dangerous’ stands up and slaps you in the face with its haunting sound and catchy vocals that has you singing along if you want to or not.

There are the inevitable weaker couple of tracks but these are easily swallowed up by the power of the other seven or eight songs that I have had blasting through my headphones since the album arrived.

‘Doodlebug’ is another upbeat number before my personal favourite ‘Ain’t Gonna Happen’. Downbeat verses interspersed  between the incredibly catchy chorus where Maeth’s vocals really come into their own.

‘Angel DNA’ and ‘Karma Machine’ see out ‘VI’ in style. The Danse Society have matured from the goth style band of the eighties into a powerful five piece mixing music genre’s that takes your breath away. It’s more melodic than previous albums but still has that punk edge.

As I said, I couldn’t wait to hear the new album and it’s been on repeat play since it arrived so it’s certainly impressed me.

Gaz – Punk Online


Track Listing

  1. Into The Red
  2. Star Whisperer
  3. Awesome
  4. Bloodstream
  5. Freak Show
  6. Dangerous
  7. Doodlebug
  8. Ain’t Gonna Happen
  9. Angel DNA
  10. Karma Machine