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THE DECAYED – ‘The Decayed’ EP Review

THE DECAYED – The Decayed 

The DecayedThe five members of The Decayed have been performing in punk bands throughout Chicago and Seattle for over 20 years.

Jahsh, Jake, and Pat all came from a nationally touring street punk band, Failed Resistance. Touring non-stop between 2002 and 2005, the band toured with the likes of The Casualties, The Unseen, Leftover Crack, Lower Class Brats, Monster Squad and many more. The bands attracted significant crowds all over the USA, but were known in Chicago as having some of the most creative and unpredictable live shows. After a sold out show at Chicago’s Metro, Failed Resistance disbanded during their prime in 2005..

The Decayed formed in early 2017 with a passion to bring back the thrash/punk sound of old, while making it their own by combining influences of metal and hardcore. Opening their eponymously titled EP with Beaten And Battered, The Decayed display some serious punk rock chops with some angry vocals screamed over a fast paced and powerful set of chords.

The Dream Is Dead maintains the pace with and excellent opening and super angst-ridden vocals laid over D-beat drums and some shredding guitar work…sure to be a massive mosh-pit pleaser and had us punching the air in unison in the office and screaming out the words. The third track of the six on the EP, Not This Time explores a rhythmic approach with vocals, drums, bass and guitar all adding to the Black Sabbath style track (Sabbath played fast that is!)

On Hopeless The Decayed push things into a couple of directions with some hardcore/skate-punk and straight up punk rock all converging to create an enormously strong and powerful song. The penultimate song, My Decay, rocks along with a couple of vocal treatments and some great band work to craft one of the top tracks of the EP with some Black Flag meets Bad Religion vibe.

Closing with A Better Way the band bring it all together with monster riffs, chant along chorus and clever rhythm changes. This is hardcore!

The Decayed EP was released this month and you can get it here for $1 : https://thedecayed.bandcamp.com/releases