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THE DIGNITIES – ‘Fire Takes the Night’ Review

THE DIGNITIES - Fire Takes the NightThe Dignities were formed by husband and wife, Cameron and Helen, last year and were soon joined by another singer, Angel. The trio recorded their debut album ‘Fire Takes the Night’ – with Cameron playing all instruments – releasing the 13-track album in late 2014. They have set about forming a live band this year.

In February, they gained a bassist (Mark) and drummer (Dave), and soon played their first gig during May.

All members of the Lothian based band have played live shows for years with various other bands and will have plenty of good material to work from with The Dignities’ debut.

Each track is straightforward but well-crafted and is sure to get any room rocking; they make the kind of rock and roll that is easy to get up and jump around to. ‘Pill Popping Generation’ is straight-up punk while ‘Hounds of Hell’ is a stomping, sing-along anthem.

Vocals are shared by Angel and Helen, with Cameron taking over main vocals on a number of songs. His occasional gruff style, most keenly seen in ’Pretender in Me’, is a neat contrast to the silvery sounds throughout.

You get the feeling these songs may sound better live than they do on record, as the production doesn’t always do justice to the rocking melodies. The vocals aren’t always as strong as they could be, but a live crowd can draw out a more naturally powerful vocal and it can sometimes be difficult to replicate that in a studio.

The Dignities are a fun, old school rock and roll band with classic punk riffs and a forthright style, and ‘Fire Takes the Night’ is a great introduction to the band.

“Here we are ready to go,

 Rocking fast and ageing slow,

 Bringing sounds to all around,

 Brighten your days with The Dignities sound” – www.thedignities.com


Jake – Punk Online


Track Listing

  1. Hold On
  2. Keep it Real
  3. Teenage Suicide
  4. Whose Riot?
  5. Born Dead
  6. Hounds of Hell
  7. Pill Popping Generation
  8. Pretender in Me
  9. All the Same
  10. There Ain’t No Forgetting
  11. Born Killer
  12. Fire Takes the Night
  13. Don’t Die Before I Do