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THE DOMESTICS – ‘Cherry Blossom Life’ Album Review

THE DOMESTICS – Cherry Blossom Life

the-domesticsWith a name like The Domestics and an album titled Cherry Blossom Life you could be excused if you were expecting some twee-Indie pop but from the heavy bass intro to Dead In The Dirt, it is clear that we are in deep hardcore punk territory. The track reminded me somewhat of Discharge. This is the third album from the East Anglian hardcore bruisers.

Snuffed Out is off the charts in terms of ferocity and power and is followed by another sub-one minute bruiser in Don’t Tell Me What Love Is…phew!

From philosophical musings on the concept of love (and how it’s sold to us) to the plight of migrants exploited by employers in destination countries; from notions of authenticity in punk, domestic violence, the purging of destructive familial ties and the usual dose of loathing (self and otherwise] The Domestics are relentless and pissed-off. Homegrown Violence is one of the angriest tracks I have heard in years.

No Deposit, No Return adds a neat guitar lick to a rumbling bass intro and powers along with the bass up front and full of power – The vocals are “gravel in the throat” defying the human body and the track demands your full attention. Human Ikizukiri is a spoken word poem delivered in a British Accent that Ray Winstone would be proud of and it makes the follow up Punch In The Guts seem even more brutal than it is with machine gun drum rolls. Authentic Arsehole is a rip-snorting punk rocker with group vocals supporting the angry as hell lead vocal.

The songs are hardcore yet accessible with hooks and chant ready lyrics – they focus on short sharp attacks on Frustration, Guilty As Charged and Self Abused that hover around the one minute mark. The riffs come thick and fast with a cracking example on Death Trap with some heavy bass and a rockabilly undercurrent (sort of!) Bullshit Parasite somehow finds another gear and powers along at 100mph with a shouted chorus ready for some crowd interaction. The longest track of the 16 is the two-minute and seven seconds of Stalinist Purge but The Domestics don’t opt for a ballad or a slow down in approach with the unyielding pace and power hardcore approach given more room to breathe…loved it!

The band close with Happy where some swirling noise and submerged megaphone spoken word merges with a plaintive piano – it’s a clever end to a scorchingly dazzling hardcore album.

Grab Cherry Blossom Life by The Domestics from the excellent TNS Records here: https://tnsrecords.bandcamp.com/album/cherry-blossom-life
The Domestics on tour::

27/08: T. Chances, London, UK (FUK Reddin Fest)
28/08: Vrankrijk, Amsterdam (Netherlands)
29/08: The Morgue, Leeuwarden (Netherlands)
30/08: 1000FRYD, Aalborg, (Denmark)
31/08: Blitz, Oslo (Norway)
01/08: Snövit, Stockholm (Sweden)
02/08: Kajskjul 4 6 , Gothenburg (Sweden)
04/08: TBC
05/08: kÖpi , Berlin (Germany)
06/08: stÖ, leipzig (germany)
07/08: The Pit’s, Kortrijk (Belgium)