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THE DUB RIGHTERS – ‘True Sound Killaz’ Album Review

THE DUB RIGHTERS – True Sound Killaz

The Dub RightersLondon-reggae punks, The Dub Righters, hit the road this March in support of their new record, True Sound Killaz, which is set for release on 9th March 2018 through Plasterer Records.

True Sound Killaz features seven tracks of hybrid punk rock, reggae and dub that the band have become renowned for in the underground DIY scene in London. The new record follows on from 2015’s self-titled EP, continuing to draw influence from classic reggae, gravel-voiced punk rock and that traditional 2-tone sound.

The Dub Righters have previously shared the stage with New Town Kings and The Filaments as well as Inner Terrestrials, Pain and AOS3 as well as supporting and playing a number of benefits for causes such as The Hunt Saboteurs, Pride Punx, Antifa, mental health services and the squatting and anarchist scene across Europe.

The band pride themselves on their stance on being supportive of punk rock positivity, anti-fascism, anti-sexism, anti-homophobia, animal rights and refugee rights. Here at, we hold the same beliefs.

The album opens with Archway Keith, some intricate guitar work as the drums build and the vocals kick in to produce a super ska/reggae/punk track that will persuade you to sway with the beat and smile at the lyrics! The next song, Life Is For The Living sees the three piece up the pace with an Interrupters stylee ska effort. There are sections of angst driven vocals that are slow but the song returns to the upbeat approach and the two paces work well together.

On Boombox a Duane Eddy style guitar builds and builds to launch a true reggae song with a relaxed vibe that reminded me a little of The Clash when they were mining the genre. At the half-way point, The Dub Righters bring on a mellow guitar intro to Beat The Bastards before a compelling riff launches a ska driven lament.

The title track, True Sound Killaz, is slightly more aggressive in tone with some ‘toasting’ style vocals including some female backing vocals that add to a fun atmosphere. The penultimate song is a dub ridden reggae effort and Death Bed Regrets is a sub-two minute full of clever and funny lyrics.

Ending with Black Coffee, The Dub Righters seal the deal with a ballad approach that showcases some super guitar sections and sends everyone home happy!

True Sound Killaz by The Dub Righters is available here:





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