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THE EXPERIENCE NEBULA ROOM – ‘Ouroborous’ Album Review


experience-nebula-roomFirst things first, The Experience Nebula Room’s debut album is not “punk rock” in sound, lyrics (there aren’t any!) but, it is in attitude. The Experience Nebula Room is an instrumental project from the south of Brazil with its musical roots and influences in 1960s and 1970s psychedelics sounds and stoner rock – the very sound that The Ramones and The Sex Pistols railed against!

Ouroborous, opens with the Stone Rosesesque What Happened To The Naked Guy. The ten track album is chock full of riffs, guitar solos, neat rhythm section interchanges and some heavy shredding. Comet In The Sky is an action packed rocker whilst the feedback infused intro to Something In The Water takes things up a rung with a real headbanger.

Pax et Lux introduces a Spanish acoustic guitar as the band produce a mellow four-minute respite from the prior rockers. The instrumentals are all very different painting different landscapes and you may want to roll a fat one or two to really get into the groove (I’m channeling my hippy DNA on this review as the vibe is mellow man!)

River Of Temptations and Coins To Caronte mine some experimental territory with latter returning to a Spanish guitar sound that is also prevalent. I really enjoyed the 1970s stomping Glam Rock of Wolf On The Railroad as well as the more in your face rock n’ roll of Storm Within. The album closes with Lucidity , an almost six minute trip into shoegaze instrumental land. Good stuff!

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