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THE FAUVES – ‘Back Off World’ Review

THE FAUVES – Back Off World

The FauvesFollowing the legendary chaotic Angelic Upstarts gig at Jarrow Civic Hall in 1977, original upstart band members Colin Hodgson (Hodge), Leon Slawinski (Ski), Brian Smith (Bri) and John Haliday (Hal) left the band to form The Fauves. After a few line-up changes the band played several gigs around the north east including a support slot with the Angelic Upstarts in South Shields. This line-up also recorded a three-song demo tape of several early songs, but unfortunately no copies exist today.

Even though most of the band members went on to play with and form other bands over the next several years it was always felt that The Fauves was an opportunity missed. Fast forward forty years and original Fauves members reconnected to discuss ‘the good old day’s’ and decided to reform the band with the intention of recording several of the bands old songs as no studio recordings existed. More line-up changes occurred but the band selected the best songs from the past which were re-worked and rearranged with two new songs were also written by the current line-up and added to the Routine Kills CD.

The band have just released a new six-track EP, Back Off World with the title track opening up with a loud siren before a heavy riff launches and a pumping beat supports the excellent gravel throat vocals to produce a rollicking punk rocker with elements of the first wave of punk mixed in with UK82ers such as Anti-Pasti and The Blitz…great stuff!!! The crisp and powerful guitars that launch Confront It set up a mid-paced rocker with some prominent licks and head banging beat.

A bluesy guitar solo introduces Last Orders as The Fauves channel Dr. Feelgood with a pounding drinking story whilst Verkhoyansk ups the pace with a street-punk effort replete with hooks to the gut that hit hard and fast.

The penultimate song, 883188 is another churning rocker with some metal edges to the gritty street-punk vibe and the EP closes with We Don’t Need It where the band seal the deal with a raucous Oi!/Punk effort with ‘punch the air’ choruses reminiscent of early Slade in their ‘boot boy’ days – this one’s a darn good listen!!!


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