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The Flying Alexanders – Self Titled Album Review

The Flying Alexanders – The Flying Alexanders

The Flying AlexandersThe Flying Alexanders have been playing together for a few years and played many Festivals including Endorset, Blissfields and Strummer Fest. They have supported The Damned, The Undertones, Dub Pistols and many more.

They released their 8-track album earlier this year and it is available on Spotify (see link below).

Opening with Get Away, the band display a rock and rolling chord sequence and a vocal that helps create a sound that is somewhere between 999, Chelsea and the UK82 brigade…full of hooks and melody with a huge dose of muscle!

On Friday Night I am transported to Sham 69 and their That’s Life concept album whilst Crocodile continues with the pub rock/Oi/punk vibe with a meaty set of power chords. Dumb Waiter keeps up the feel with a bit of Cock Sparrer sound thrown in for good measure and a neat guitar solo adding to the package.

The second half of the album begins with The Night where The Flying Alexanders try out some intriguing ska to channel one of our all-time favourites here at punkonline.co.uk, Serious Drinking. Real Eyes punches things up again as the band combine some chunky guitars with solid drums and bass to support a melody infused vocal – the band are very accessible with hooks a plenty.

The second to last track, Brave New World reminds me again of the first wave of British punk and leads to the rocking closer, Pressure with its 8 bar blues on speed approach…great stuff!

Have a listen to The Flying Alexanders here: muscle://open.spotify.com/track/4LgUBz8ZsuoIledGB2SoPj