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THE FORTY NINETEENS – ‘Rebooted’ Album Review


the-forty-nineteensThe Forty Nineteens, from Los Angeles CA, have released their 3rd album, Rebooted, which was produced by David Newton of The Mighty Lemon Drops. The first track, I’m Free was the “Coolest Song in the World” on Little Steven’s Underground Garage radio show and it’s a grungy rock n’ roller with some honky tonk piano and a “cruise the back roads with the top down” vibe.

The album is choc-full of feel good sub three-minute tracks with Best Days a hook laden, sunnier than Skegness in August sound. There is a 1960’s underground garage rawness to the band’s sound and their Los Angeles roots shine through on tracks like Wasn’t It You and Disguise with the latter channeling a little Johnny Marr and The Smiths guitar work.

Dodge Charger is a quintessential American car song with a rock and roll underpinning whilst Get Myself A Selfie delves into the more garage sound with an organ introduced to add just a hint of psychedelic rock. The Forty Nineteens explore the psychedelic sound further with Head Up Head High that feels a little like early B-52s. They slow things down a little for A Stranger On The Shore with a catchy keyboard driven riff and space for spoken word style vocals and a trippy story.

True True True is a straight in your face rocker of a track the The Who would have been proud of and I Walked With a Zombie is that “end of the drive in movie” slow dance paced and echo-guitar laced song.

The twelve song album ends with Moonlight Drive – a sort of bar-room stomper with that excellent piano holding it all together. The Forty Nineteens navigate the psychedelic, garage sound of the 1960s and bring it into 2017. The album is fun, catchy and the perfect feel good 12 tracker rocker for your next road trip!

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