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THE FUCK UPS – ‘Lies’ EP Review


Scottish punks, The Fuck Ups have just released their four-track EP, Lies. The band has been plying their trade based out of Glasgow for twelve years and are currently getting their name out there as well as looking for more gigs.

The EP opens with a bass riff, spoken word in deep Scottish accent before launching into a UK82 style punk rocker that has hints of fellow countrymen, The Exploited as well as other British bands of the era such as Chaos UK and Disorder.

The title track, Lies channels the early UK Subs with a rumbling bass, soaring guitar riff and fast beat. The political lyrics focus on how we are lied to constantly and this is one splendid punk rock song!

The third and penultimate song, Nation Against Nation clocks in at over four minutes and showcases the bands reggae/ska side with a SLF Johnny Was vibe. The vocals are simply excellent and the addition of keyboards and brass just soothes out the edges as Zero Negative deliver a brilliant track.

Concluding with State Of Society this release seals the deal. A short bass guitar introduction leads to some fierce drumming, serrated guitars, angry vocals and a faming punk rock package…great stuff…


Grab a copy of Lies by The Fuck Ups here: https://thefuckups3.bandcamp.com/releases