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THE FUN DIE YOUNG – ‘Unfairground’ EP Review

THE FUN DIE YOUNG – Unfairground

The Fun Die YoungThe Fun Die Young play catchy, fast paced pop-punk. For fans of Creeper, The Offspring and Teenage Bottlerocket, they release their new EP Unfairground on the1st March.

Opening with The One, this five-tracker displays a super catchy set of melodies and hooks. The lead vocals are a cross of Olga from the Toy Dolls and Dexter from the aforementioned Offspring and add a very unique sound to the band. The wall of sound produced by the guitars and backing vocals suck the listener in and, before you know it, your feet are stomping and you head is banging (I daresay I punched the air a couple of times!) – a superb opener for sure.

On Frankenstein, the powerful guitars are backed by a tight as a gnats arse rhythm section as the band propel forward at 150mph. The changes in pace help create the impression that the faster sections are just manic whilst on Intoxicated the pace is just a little slower creating a perfect pop-punk anthem.

The penultimate track of the five, Brady Bunch is another lengthy (almost four minutes) powerful pop-punk piece with a slight nod to the glam-rock of the New York Dolls and it just hooks you in.

Closing with Villains The Fun Die Young rock things up with a more punky approach full of pace and punchy vocals. Make no mistake, this is good stuff with a unique vocal style adding to some great playing.

Check out Unfairground by The Fun Die Young here: https://www.thefundieyoung.com/