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THE GHOSTS OF LOVERS – Self Titled Album Review

THE GHOSTS OF LOVERS – The Ghosts Of Lovers

ghosts_of_loversThe Ghosts Of Lovers were a cult band headquartered in London in the early 1990’s and this album captures all eleven of their studio recordings and four live tracks. The album opens with the truly excellent Tonight, a glam-rock classic reminiscent of T-Rex, The Ramones and The New York Dolls. It’s a rock n roll masterpiece with hooks a plenty. Iona is introduced with some slower drums, echo-infused guitar and a vocal treatment where the backing vocals enhance the lead singers unique and melodic delivery. You can see why these guys were popular – the songs are well crafted, accessible and full of melody and hooks.

Although the band split due to the classic “musical differences” story, this collection shows what potential they had and it stands up in 2016 as a set of great songs. If you’re a bit partial to Slade, The Sweet, T-Rex and/or Cockney Rebel, you’ll love The Ghosts Of Lovers. Don’t Be Afraid is a rock ‘n roll romp with some Bowie-esque ambiance.

It’s like listening to the birth of punk rock 40 years on. So Lonely had me dusting off the Status Quo denim jacket and searching You Tube for some 1970’s Top of the Pops episodes. This album is pure fun from start to finish and each track is pure pop magic – I particularly liked the more in your face The Light Of My Sanity as it rocks along with a Green Day touch and channels the New York Dolls.

Clearly the bands star was shining briefly but brightly and they demonstrate some versatility with Sweet Sensitive Young Thing where they produce a ballad that David Bowie would have been proud of.  (Requiem For) Candy is a Glam Rock raucous rocker whilst Souls On Fire displays a U2 style bass and guitar opening and a more complex vocal treatment before launching into a melody infused chorus that had me stomping my boots in time.

The penultimate studio recorded song on this album is the truly superb Drowning In The Sea Of Madness that is a Jesus And Mary Chain sounding five and a half minutes of brilliance. With hooks a plenty and melody dripping out of every pore, The Ghosts Of Lovers were onto something big. That Girl ends the studio sessions with a dirty guitar sound and gives a hint to where the band may have travelled towards sonically.


The album then moves to four live recordings beginning with Who’s To Blame. The sound is not as clean and accessible as the studio recordings but the album is richer for including these songs. There’s an energy and urgency on display and I can only guess that the bands cult status was greatly enhanced by their live performances. Soldier Of The Heart is a fantastic song lasting almost seven minutes with a Blue Oyster Cult sound – the band sound more punk rock live than in the studio. The album concludes with live versions of Another Time and That Girl providing a neat conclusion as we get to hear the band deliver on the earlier studio recorded songs.

Although I had never heard of The Ghosts Of Lovers, I was blown away by this album. It’s a great listen from start to finish and has you dusting off your flares and platform boots!


It’s released on November 14th . Get it here and party!




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