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THE HELLFREAKS Share Video ‘Burn the Horizon’

THE HELLFREAKS Share Video ‘Burn the Horizon’

hellfreaksHungarian punk band The Hellfreaks have just released their brand new video for ‘Burn the Horizon’. Released only last week, it was the 6th highest new music video worldwide on IMVDb ranking.

From the band…

“We proudly present our brand new videoclip ‘Burn The Horizon’ to you. The song was released in 2016 on the album called Astoria, published by the German label Wolverine Records.

“The new video is managed by a really one-off and special teamwork. Steven Shea (American writer, producer who worked on many videoclips and U.S. movies before), is big fan of the band. He offered to us to make a videoclip with his professional team and manage the writing and production also.

“The unique thing about the video alongside the production is the location of the shooting, because only the ‘viral video’ was made in Budapest, all the other parts were made in the United States of America.”

For more info on The Hellfreaks, visit their Facebook page.