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THE HOLLYWOOD BRATS – ‘Sick On You’ Review

hollywood-brats“Drummer wanted. Young, slim, must look, act and think like a star. No beards, no chromedomes, no fatties” – Hollywood Brats’ infamous advert in the Melody Maker back in 1972. And so the band formed and lay down the foundations of what would become punk rock.

Eventually the Brats started to record and an album was set for release but The Hollywood Brats fell at the final hurdle. Over the years, material has escaped in one form or another but now, at last, is the definitive record of The Hollywood Brats as selected by the band themselves.

Interesting to read the Brats top ten influences and the recurring theme of sixties rock. The Rolling Stones, The Who, The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix to name but a few but there’s also many mentions of  proper rock n roll, Chuck Berry, Jerry Lee Lewis, The Kinks and as soon as you listen to the album these overtones are obvious.

‘Chez Maximes’ takes you straight back to the sixties before ‘Another School Day‘ is proper Alice Cooper “school’s out for summer” prog rock. The influences from the band members are already recognisable but you can also hear the first punk sounds and a hint of The Great Rock N Roll Swindle to hit us a few years later.

The Hollywood Brats are big on cover versions and ‘Then He Kissed Me’ is a brilliant rendition of the Crystals hit from 1963 Disc Two of these double CD feature more covers and the Brats certainly add their own style to each one. It’s glam rock n roll and you can understand why they would have been seen as wild back in the early 70’s.

There are some real pre-punk gems here, Zurich 17 and Nightmare to name but two. Sick on You could have been written and performed by the Sex Pistols whilst Drowning Sorrows is the perfect blues number to break from the norm.

“The Hollywood Brats are the greatest band I’ve ever seen” – Keith Moon.

“The Hollywood Brats are a folk legend; they were doing what they were doing before anybody else” –  Bob Stanley.

The latter is very hard to argue with.


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Gaz – Punk Online


Disc One: Sick on You Track Listing

  1. Chez Maximes
  2. Another School Day
  3. Nightmare
  4. Empty Bottles
  5. Courtesan
  6. Then He Kissed Me
  7. Tumble With Me
  8. Zurich 17
  9. Southern Belles
  10. Drowning Sorrows
  11. Sick On You

Disc Two: A Brats Miscellany

  1. I Need You
  2. Little ‘Ol Wine Drinker
  3. Son Of The Wizard
  4. Red Leather
  5. Sweet Little Sixteen (Live)
  6. Borgia Street
  7. I Ain’t Got You
  8. She Got Class
  9. Hootchie Cootchie Man
  10. Trucker’s Lament
  11. St Louis Blues
  12. Mic Mac Blues
  13. Oh What A Show
  14. Suckin’ On Suzie
  15. It’s Not Funny