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THE HUMAN PROJECT – ‘Clarion Call’ Album Review


The Human ProjectPolitically charged Leeds tech punks The Human Project are back with a brand album titled Clarion Call set for release on Friday 6th July.  Where their previously released album, Origins, released in 2013, preached a heartfelt message of unity and of tolerance for your fellow humans, the Yorkshire based quartet (which features ex/members of Crazy Arm, Random Hand and Sounds Of Swami) have like many others seen their attitude shift over the course of the last few years. A shift brought on in no small part by the sudden rise of Trump, Brexit and the so-called ‘alt-right’.

The eleven-track album opens with Desperate Times where ominous keyboard chords meet melancholy guitar notes for over a minute before a plaintive, melodic vocal delivers some truly excellent lyrics as the rim-shots suggest the massive explosion of punk rock that emerges with rolling licks, massive beats and group vocals and a searing conclusion. The follow-up, Desperate Measures is released with no time for a break and the technical skate-punk/post hardcore is full of power, aggression, melody and hooks with no small dose of anger!

The Human Project do not write simple three-chord punk-rock but they do produce complex and aggressive punk that is played and put together so well with That One Percent displaying all of their attributes of righteous anger, melody and technical chops full of pace and power whilst Rhetoric carries on in this vein as well. On Knocked For Six the intermingling of sheer pace with a screamed/sung lead vocal with Black Sabbath-esque sections reminds me of Metz.

Carrion is more atmospheric with distorted guitars and vocals but the band return to the post-hardcore punk approach on What We Always Do. The rolling licks of Blame are supported by an pounding beat whereas Pride Before A Fall takes on a Muse style and adds some punk rock chops!

The penultimate song, A Debt To Society is another lengthy track with skate-punk drums and vocals full of pain set in a melody that just rocks. This one reminded me a little of Australia’s Living End with a political punk edge. The album closes with the title track, Clarion Call and this one throws punch after punch with varying segments featuring plaintive slowed down guitar sections and massive group vocal choruses and some sheer walls of power…Phew!

 Clarion Call by The Human Project will be released on CD, Digital and Vinyl on Friday 6th July 2018 and is available for pre-order now here: www.thehumanproject.bigcartel.com.