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The Human Race is ThilfYork, Pennsylvania based anger fueled sludge/grind/crust duo THRIF – The Human Race Is Filth is streaming their debut EP “Human Exposed”.

Comment from the Band:

“THE “Human Exposed” EP represents and exposes the scum known as our leaders. It’s a campaign for the poverty stricken which is most everyone not in the league of the rich and political realms. Leadership we have is draining people of living and raping the world of all it a resource. We don’t even know what a democracy is anymore…. It’s a depressing and angry display of how we see the world today.”

THRIF – The Human Race is Filth is a sludge/crust/grind duo from York, Pennsylvania. Despite being a newly formed band, the duo are no strangers when it comes to playing together. Both Kasey and Paul have been releasing a slew of materials and playing tons of shows with their other bands BitteredPolice State and Mans Plague for the last few years (releases below). THRIF’s “Human Exposed” is their 7th release together in just a span of 2 years. In addition, Paul has released an album of his long time running band Exterminance in 2016 via Lost Apparitions Records.

THRIF’s debut EP “Human Exposed” was recorded Dec 2017 at Oblivion Studios in MD where releases from the likes of Pulling Teeth, Agoraphobic Nosebleed, Pig Destroyer, Deceased, and many more have been recorded. The “Human Exposed” EP can be downloaded for free via Bandcamp and hard copy CDs will be available from January 2018.

Throughout the 05 pulverizing doomy tracks, the duo has well demonstrated their lurking ambition to spread the dreadful aural lurgies amongst the listeners. Raspy angry vocals, backed up by the abundance of noisy and thick riffs and avalanches of ear-shattering percussive eruption, will trigger the inner hatred against the scums, the greedy, corrupted homo sapiens.

THRIF is not a side project, but a dedicated full-time band ready, willing, and able to tour worldwide and are preparing to record a full-length album in spring 2018. The band is currently looking for a label to partner up with for its release.