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THE HYENA KILL – ‘Spun’ EP Review 


The Hyena KillManchester, UK duo, The Hyena Kill are garnering a lot of positive reviews and their new EP, Spun, will be released on April 23rd.  The opening track, Exit Mask, combines a massive, crunchy guitar with hammering drums. The choruses are just epic in anger, energy and aggression whereas the verses offer a more melodic vocal and music toned down a shade. The overall package is immense!

The six-track EP continues with Panic Womb and the duo up the tempo with an uncompromising hardcore punk rock track like Royal Blood meeting The Exploited and they follow up with Ribbons where the pace slows and the ambience more psychedelic hardcore. It is damn good stuff, especially when it launches into a powerful orbit about halfway through.

On Pound Of Flesh some extended feedback is replaced by a churning riff and pounding drum beat – imagine Muse meeting Black Sabbath and you’ll be somewhere there. The second to last song is Dare To Swim with an atmospheric introduction of plaintive guitar notes and swirling vocals and the restraint is maintained throughout with some sections of crashing walls of noise.

Concluding with Cells, The Hyena Kill maintain a formula of melodic guitar led sections interspersed with screamed vocals and enormous hardcore segments. I was left exhausted with sheer pleasure as this is one powerful band.

The duo will head to Spain in April for a handful of shows, before embarking on a short UK headline run. The Hyena Kill will also be heading to the hallowed grounds of Castle Donington this summer for Download Festival. Full live dates can be found here:

Check out this EP and more here:


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