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THE INTERRUPTERS + OFF! + RANCID – Live in San Francisco


If you are a lover of Punk Rock, could there be a better way to greet the New Year than a gig featuring The Interrupters, OFF! and Rancid? Rancid were celebrating the 20th anniversary of the And Out Came the Wolves classic album by playing it in its entirety.

They were playing the first of two nights at the 2000+ capacity Warfield venue and both nights were close to selling out. The Interrupters ran onto the stage at the awfully early time of 8.30. Dressed in retro two-tone style, they launched into an energy packed set that had the crowd ‘warmed up’ interruptersimmediately. Unlike many acts that are third on the bill, The Interrupters just blew my mind with extremely tight music that brought back memories of The Specials and The Selecter (they do have a female vocalist) but with a punkier twist. They were excellent – stand out songs in the short set were This is the new Sound, White Noise, A Friend Like Me and the classic Take Back the Power. For me, this band produced one of the best albums of 2014 and they are on top form. They are deserving of top billing and will be in the future – what a treat to see them going full pelt and enjoying every minute.

Next up were OFF! They are often referred to as a ‘punk super group’ which I hope they find as annoying as I do. However, when your lead singer is Keith Morris, founding member of Black Flag AND the Circle Jerks, with other members from Red Kross, Rocket from the Crypt and the Burning Brides I guess you are going get some accolades. The band entered the stage in true punk fashion, holding their own guitars, taping set-lists and tuning up before they launched into a ferocious set of songs. For 45 minutes they gave it their all and, although Keith stated that he was 60 years old, you would never have guessed it the way he launched into I don’t offbelong and Over our Heads. The mosh pit was fast and the songs were mostly short, loud, very powerful and very angry. This was the first time I had seen the band and I was reminded of Rudimentary Peni and Black Sabbath…there was also a Black Flag vibe as it was heavy!

Crawl was one of the longer tracks showcasing how tight the band are with superb musicianship. Panic Attack was simply brutal (in a good way!)

As the roadies cleared the stage a huge backdrop featuring the iconic album cover of And Out Came the Wolves was met by a huge cheer from the excited crowd. The stage began to fill with what I assume were family members of the band (Tim Armstrong is from Berkeley) and then, in darkness came the first chords of Maxwell Murder. As the lights came up and Fred Perry resplendent Armstrong growled out the first words the crowd went absolutely wild. The pace was unrelenting through Roots Radicals and Time Bomb and by the time Armstrong introduced “a new number” Ruby Soho, the entire venue was either moshing, pogoing or at least bouncing from side to side. The gig felt like a celebration, a homecoming and a brilliant performance all wrapped into one. Rancid were the perfect combination of The Interrupters ska and OFF!’s punk…Lars crowd surfed one song and the band were on top form.rancid

A classic rendition of Avenues & Alleyways with Armstrong lamenting the PC police taking away the true meaning of the chant Oi! Oi! Oi! As one of inclusiveness and togetherness not dependent on race or sexuality was followed by The Way I feel.

The encore consisted of 5 blistering efforts with I Wanna Riot a personal highlight. What a way to ring in 2016 with ringing ears, aching limbs and the odd bruise or two…

Stumpy – Punk Online