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THE ISOTOPES – ‘1994 World Series Champions’ Album Review

THE ISOTOPES – 1994 World Series Champions

isotopesThe Isotopes are back and about to step up to bat in fine form with their new album, “1994 World Series Champions”. A 10-track collection of blazing, baseball-inspired, hook-driven pop punk.

The new album sees The Isotopes link up with Destiny Records in the UK and Europe, along with long-term teammates, Stomp Records in Canada/US.

There are many variation of punk rock but The Isotopes are a baseball themed punk band and that is a first for me. Their album, 1994 World Series Champions opens with What We Do Ain’t Secret and it’s a fresh pop-punk effort chock full of hooks and melodic vocals. D.O.A. continues with the hooks and melodies with some super drumming and guitar licks.

There is an old school punk feel in the spirit of The Ramones and Blondie where the songs are fast, clean and melodic. Legend Of George Brett sees the band providing no respite from the “Weezer meets the Ramones” formula full of tight as you like breaks and instrumental interludes.

On Indian Summer, The Isotopes channel The Undertones and on Psycho At The Sandlot it’s more Teenage Bottlerocket. The band have a knack for a melody and for that Ramones style accessibility married with power. Morganna reminded me of The Plimsols and that power-pop-punk vibe continues with Rochelle Rochelle an almost completely perfect sub-two minute frolic into summertime!

With the ten song album concluding with the Sandlot Party I’m transported to Ramones nirvana with the amped up rock ‘n’ roll bringing smiles all around the punkonline office (well, that’s a spare room!). The Isotopes are fun, catchy and a return to pop-punk excellence.

The album with be released on April 13th Through Destiny Records (UK / EU) & Stomp Records (CA / US). More details and where to order can be found here: http://bit.ly/IsotopesVINYL / http://bit.ly/IsotopesCD