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THE JUKEBOX ROMANTICS – ‘Sleepwalk Me Home’ Review


The Jukebox RomanticsThe Jukebox Romantics hail from downstate New York, just in the shadows of NYC. On December 8th, they released the digital & CD format of their 4th full length record, Sleepwalk Me Home via Paper + Plastick records.

The band made a name for themselves from the beginning by hitting the road hard, endless touring, and their ferocious energetic live show.

The opening track, Breaking Rad displays that energy and ferocity for 100 seconds of melodic and aggressive punk rock.

The second of the ten on the album begins with a pounding drum, rolling guitar lick and some well place “Whooaahhhh woooaahhh…” backing vocals before they launch into a punk rock sound that blends Sum 41, NoFx and New Found Glory into a faster, rawer sound. The band have perfected the knack of penning a catchy, powerful tune as they do with Jerry Gallo’s Dead with its rocking drum beats and soaring vocal – great song, great stuff!

The melody continues at pace with Suns Out, Burns Out where a super guitar lick is very well supported by the rhythm section and a tuneful vocal. Midway through and The Jukebox Romantics bring out their inner Blink 182 on First Time You, First Time Me with fun lyrics and booming bass guitar. The fun continues with Gringo Starr albeit with a focus on depression set to a fast paced and hook infused punk rock backing.

War And Piece Of Mind marries a speeded up Smiths type guitar with some Green Day style power chords played fast and chunky whilst the superbly titled, Your Gonna Miss Me When I’m Dad contains some super lyrics over the punk rock power.

The title track, Sleepwalk Me Home starts with a dirty bass guitar riff, rolling drums and then a meaty guitar riff over an eclectic beat before the band accelerate to 150mph. The song is complex yet simply powerful, like a left hook to the kidneys, it leaves you breathless. The album ends with In The Meantime (Steve’s Song) and it is a fitting closer as it packages all of the aforementioned sounds into one – pace, power, hooks, great lyrics and some great playing.

Check out Sleepwalk Me Home by The Jukebox Romantics here:- http://paperplastick.limitedrun.com/products/596285-the-jukebox-romantics-sleepwalk-me-home