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THE LASH OUTS – ‘State of Excess’ Review

lash-outsOoh, just put this one on the metaphoric turntable and Validation Song assaults me and I’m totally hooked. This is The Dickies in 2016. The Lash Outs hail from Dallas, TX and they are good; in fact, they are very, very good.

Sha La La is sheer punk pop heaven – a song that Weezer would be proud of. The lyrics are excellent, the singing melodic and the guitar, bass and drums provide a perfect power punk background.

Light and Sound layers the melodies and slows things down just a tad. It’s a relatively complex song with an emo feel. These guys are definitely not a one trick pony.

Bondage of Self turns back up the heat and Mistakes is four minutes and eighteen seconds of bliss with time changes, intricate guitar work and a strong chorus. The title track State of Excess offers a terrific statement on America’s obsession with artificial success – great lyrics! It’s a stand out track and would be a strong single.

Don’t Know Why focuses on personal relationships. The Lash Outs are not overtly political but they are focused on the more local personal politics of people trying to make it out there. They have a sense of humor, most obvious on Bowels of Time (First Movement) a rock n’ roll, 12 bar blues, wipe-out bash of instruments.

Retail Therapy returns to the pop/punk formula and sets up the final track on the album Work to Get By, a song that blends some good old rock and roll guitar with some piano and super vocal. I loved it.

If you’re in the market for some brilliantly played powerful punk delivered with a touch of Weezer and the Dickies, get this now…it’s a super album!


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Track Listing

  1. Validation Song
  2. Sha La La
  3. Light and Sound
  4. Bondage of Self
  5. Mistakes
  6. State of Excess
  7. Don’t Know Why
  8. Bowels of Time (First Movement)
  9. Retail Therapy
  10. Work to Get By



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