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THE LEECHES – ‘On The Line’ Review


Leeches are a punk rock band that more than any other Italian band can transform every show into a unique and unrepeatable concert. Passion, spontaneity and fun are the ingredients that led the band to be appreciated by audiences and critic alike. Along a path of artistic success continues to grow.

And so onto the Leeches latest album, ‘On the Line’, which sees the Italian punksters thrash out another twelve tunes of pure punk rock ’n’ roll.

We bloody love the Leeches at Punk Online. Ever since we were sent a copy of ‘Underwater’, a Leeches album from three or so years ago, we have been hooked on their enigmatic style and exuberance. If you love The Ramones then you will love The Leeches as its proper good old fashioned punk with a melodic, catchy style but with an edge.

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Most tracks clock in around a couple of minutes in length and each one is full in your face 100mph music. ‘Do It Again’ is the first hint of what these guys are all about, instantly catchy, instant foot tapping but raw guitars and fast percussion slots it straight into the punk genre.

The best thing about The Leeches is that each track sounds completely separate from its predecessor even though the theme is replicated throughout. ‘Apes Approved’ could be taken from any early Dickies album before ‘Ferel Child’ momentarily slows things down. Clocking in at almost four and half minutes, this is the longest track on the album; it is also a real stand out song. Slow verses before the customary catchy chorus, I can’t get enough of this.

Just like ‘Underwater’ there is no filler here, no track that has you reaching for the ‘skip’ button. We’re also treated to a little ‘Tony Soprano’ – almost going into Toy Dolls territory here – no bad thing.

At time of writing we have no idea if The Leeches are planning a trip to the UK but if they ever do I’ll see you down the front!

Gaz – Punk Online


Track Listing

  1. Inferno
  2. Do It Again
  3. Our Time Is Gonna Come
  4. Troll Hunter
  5. Apes Approved
  6. Born To Do
  7. Hypocondie
  8. Feral Child
  9. Like It Happened Before
  10. Smash It Up (Rubble of Bones)
  11. Tony Soprano
  12. Home



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