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THE LIGAMENTS – ‘Digital [EP]’ Review

THE LIGAMENTS - Digital [EP]London-based trio Ligaments play a fast, rousing style of punk rock that brilliantly blends the melody with the noise.

Hot on the heels of February’s raw and ambitious ‘Eat Pizza’ comes a self-titled EP that is pleasantly more refined and matures their sparkling intensity.

Ligaments power through five songs in 20 minutes, loudly displaying their unflinching knack for a classic rock ‘n’ roll sound.

Opener ‘Back Room Wall’ crashes in and moves through the paces, driving into the first fist-pumping chorus of many. It’s an energetic introduction that is followed by ‘Riptide’, a straight-up punk track that roars around frantic vocals, closing with the yelled refrain “This final selfish act did not surprise me now”.

‘Eat Pizza’ was quite a rough affair but this EP holds a cleaner form of their noisy punk rock, with pristine production bringing out the best in all three members – most noticeably in Zel Kaute’s rampant, ceaseless drumming which provides so many highlights across the EP.

Both Jake Maxwell and Nicola Itro’s vocals are on point, best displayed in stand-out track ‘Standards of Taste And Decency’, with Nicola delivering rapid-fire verses with succinct precision and Jake providing the fervent, anguished choruses.

Fourth track ‘Straight To The Void’ perhaps best showcases the band’s ability to move seamlessly from brash, raucous punk to rockabilly choruses. The line “I always thought the light that guides you is the light that blinds you” is not exactly novel, but is hard to resist nonetheless.

The final track, ‘Whatever It Takes’, is loud and wild and packs in the solos in concise fashion. The final 30 seconds is pure, illicit noise-punk which concludes a release that shows so much development upon promise, and provides plenty of excitement for whatever comes next.


Jake – Punk Online


Track Listing

  1. Back Room Wall
  2. Riptide
  3. Standards of Taste and Decency
  4. Straight to the Void
  5. Whatever That Means


This digital album is available here – https://ligamentsband.bandcamp.com/releases